Are you doing what you say you are doing?

I come across people on quite a regular basis who say things like:

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long. I don’t even eat that much.

I don’t snack that much.

I don’t eat out a lot.

But I’m still not able to lose weight.”

Oftentimes their statements are not reflective of the reality of the situation.

The problem lies in the fact that there’s a lack of self-awareness usually in these cases when it comes to behaviours around food. And there’s a lack of data to back their statements.

There is no history of their food intake. There is no history of their body measurements, body weight, of exercise and activity levels.

There’s nothing to show that what they’re saying is based on concrete facts rather than what they’re feeling at the moment.

Our brain is not really a great storage device.

It’s great for processing information, but it’s not great for storage.

We tend to have distorted memories of past events which are not reflective of what actually happened.

If I asked you: “What did you eat yesterday? Throughout the day?”

You would not be able to tell me every single food item that you ate. You’ll probably skip over the details. You’ll not be able to tell me exact quantities because it’s just not possible.

We are not great at storing information in our brains.

So you need to put that information on paper or in an app; somewhere concrete that you can look back upon and reflect later.

The other problem is that when you have these beliefs that:

“I’m doing everything right. I’m trying so hard.”

Then you go talk about these things to your friends, family members, or someone trusted. Who are also not very well-educated about weight loss, nutrition and exercise.

A lot of the times, these people confirm your pre-existing beliefs.

So when you say things like:

“I’m eating so less. I’m trying so hard.”

They will tell you:

“Yes, you are doing all of that. And you’re still not able to see results. Something’s probably up with your metabolism.”

Then it creates this loop of you feeling that you’re doing everything under your control. And whatever is not giving you results is probably out of your control.

It’s probably your metabolism. Which in 99% of the cases is not what the situation actually is.

And unless a doctor has diagnosed you with some metabolic disorder, you most likely have a healthy metabolism.

It’s because you’re not self-aware of your actions. It’s because you are not doing whatever needs to be done.

That’s why you’re not seeing results.

It’s almost always factors that are within your control that determine your results. And these are the things that you are not doing consistently.

Whenever those thoughts come into your head that:

“I’m doing everything right. I’m eating less.”

Ask yourself: “What concrete data do I have to confirm these beliefs?”

Not words. Not other people confirming it for you.

“What concrete data do I have that proves these statements for me?”

“And do I have sufficient amount of high quality data that shows that these are the actions that I have been taking, for this amount of time?”

If you don’t have it. Build that data up.

Even after that if you don’t see results. Then you can consider that it’s probably not things under your control.

It’s probably things outside your control, which are not letting you lose weight. Then you need to see a doctor.

But for most people, it’s usually the lack of data, the lack of self-awareness and other people confirming their pre-existing beliefs for them.

So start becoming more self-aware of your actions.

And try to call yourself out on your own BS.

Because other people are sometimes too nice. And this will hinder your progress. It’ll put you in that constant cycle of seeking validation for your own shortcomings.

And others will be very happy to do that for you.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Call yourself out on your own BS and become very self-aware and self-critical. Take active steps to confirm if your existing beliefs are valid. If what you’re saying is the reality.

Or is it a story you’re telling yourself to make yourself feel better?

Think about it.

If you have been trying to reach your weight loss goals for a while now, but are struggling a bit in the process.

It’s probably because of a lack of consistency, a lack of guidance or a lack of support.

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