In this episode, we discuss women’s bodybuilding and fitness with Arundhati Boruah. Arundhati is a Bangalore based ex-software-developer turned into a full-time online fitness coach. She is currently working on securing her IFBB pro-card in the bikini division while helping empower women to become their best physical selves.

Lots of insights on choosing fitness as a career, prevalent myths among young women regarding toning, competitive bodybuilding for women and much more.


(1:27) – Arundhati’s fitness journey

(14:40) – Societal barriers for women picking fitness as a career

(19:17) – Toning and other prevalent myths among young women

(24:58) – Social media and body image issues among women

(29:00) – Should women focus on getting and staying lean?

(31:37) – What does women’s bodybuilding comprise of?

(40:28) – Current state of women’s bodybuilding in India

(42:55) – How can someone get started if they want to compete in the bikini division?

(46:00) – Pointers for young women in their 20s just getting started

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